Follow-ups in progress to reclaim $5 billion blocked in Oman

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Friday - 11 November 2016

Speaking during a visit to Mehr News Agency’s pavilion at the 22nd International Press Exhibition on Tuesday, Ghasemi answered the reporters’ questions.

On a question about Iran’s five billion dollars released during nuclear talks on a monthly basis and transferred to Oman where they blocked it saying they are unable to repay the money, Ghasemi said Iran holds friendly relations with Oman without any enmity and hatred. “If any problem exists, we resolve them through talks and negotiations.”

He continued that during sanctions era and facing economic, banking and financial problems, we had reserves in some countries, which we use while purchasing something.

On Oman’s case, Ghasemi noted, the two sides have reached mutually accepted solutions to eliminate differences and disputes.

Addressing another question on FM Zarif’s visit to Beirut and not having a trip to Syria, Ghasemi stressed Iran holds good relations with Syrian government and people. “Syrian Deputy FM Faisal al-Mekdad is in Tehran currently and has held constructive talks with Iranian officials; FM Zari’s visit to Beirut, as well, would be fruitful with regards to Lebanon’s last developments.”


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