Jahangiri said; standard tasks to be outsourced

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Sunday - 18 December 2016

First Vice President stressed the need to outsource some of the tasks of national standards body, said the 9 percent inflation is not compatible with public funds.
Jahangiri said; standard tasks to be outsourced
their terms.
our new economy. Jahangiri said that we should make up for past and so bitter that could bring back the 90's to the welfare of the people.
He pointed out that the drop in production has led to a drop in income, added 9 percent inflation is not compatible with the pockets of the people and events that occurred in the economy does not recover easily. Cars move the economy has fallen in the pit and come out to bother much. Vice president pointed out that if you create a good platform, we can overcome the challenges of the economy, employment and improve people's welfare, said the government, private sector and Parliament are all determined to move the economy so that in this the standards are effective on economic growth.
50% to be determined, but this is not enough and at the same time told lawmakers that the technical barriers can not stop imports that these obstacles as standard commodities.
He said culture is another important work to be done in the standard; however, the culture of the people after the issue price, go to the standard must be created.
Jahangiri said that special attention should be national standards for outsourcing, one of the main approaches resistance economy, people's economy and even the national standards body that sovereignty should be outsourcing some tasks. Vice president for outsourcing should be pointed out that there is a more serious look, said: notably the inspection of the premises should be national standards to be outsourced. For example, in theme parks, people with self-control and standard control, use of trampolines.
Of course that would confirm if the elevator has a problem, this would not have happened.
Jahangiri said it is unacceptable that they did not budget for these centers and tens of billions of dollars of funds can do surveillance. Vice president pointed out that because of the importance of standards in economic policy strength, a complete paragraph is dedicated to the standard issue, said the country's economy on the right track if we want to go, make sure the main requirements regarding quality, especially in the Services should be more sensitive.

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