More than 750 active industrial towns across the country

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Sunday - 18 December 2016

The Aynpya Khabar quoted Mohammad Reza Nemat Zadeh operations at the industrial zone petrochemical downstream industries, said the establishment of industrial zones is a positive effect after the revolution in the country and has established more than 750 industrial town across the country are working.

have gained. He continued: downstream petrochemical operations Industrial Park Industrial Park area of ​​about 95 hectares Khomeini began today in Central Province.
Iran and governors can maintain the small industries and industrial companies.
Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said in this memorandum in the central province of 6 subjects were studied.
He continued: also created five treatment plants in the city and completed five infrastructure in 27 industrial zones with credit over 80 billion dollars of national and provincial funds from other provisions of this agreement are considered.

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