The need to support the export of petrochemical products in the Iraqi market

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Sunday - 18 December 2016

Aynpya reports quoting Nypna, Chief Development Officer petrochemical downstream industries, said China and Turkey, Iran rather than Iraq Bazarmsnvat fill in. In fact, its most important market to our competitors.
Reza Mohtashami chief petrochemical downstream industries with the reporter Nypna, stated: market's main petrochemical downstream industries, particularly Iraq's neighbors Iran and nearly 60 percent of plastic products exported to this country.

President Dftrsnay downstream petrochemical added due to the expansion in Iraq plastics workshops, statistics show that in the past five years have seen a top speed of Iraqi imports of intermediate petrochemical products.

Chairman of downstream petrochemical Dftrsnay said Iran instead of Iraq in Bazarmsnvat Unfortunately, China and Turkey have filled that in fact the most important market to our competitors.
He stated: plastic products exports to the Iraqi market in 1390 was about 23 thousand tons of this amount by the end of this year is expected to increase to 95 thousand tons. It also exports last year 86 thousand tons.
According to him, this represents a 60 percent annual growth in exports of intermediate goods from Iran to Iraq, and this trend is increasing at a rapid rate.
Chief Development Officer downstream petrochemical stated: Iranian companies active in the petrochemical downstream industries should also marketing and sales strategies to trade with neighboring countries so that they can have more competitiveness and access to export markets more to downstream petrochemical .

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