McDermott to Use Integrated Software Platform to Deliver Best in Industry EPCI Solutions for Project Lifecycle

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Sunday - 13 August 2017

McDermott to Use Integrated Software Platform to Deliver Best in Industry EPCI Solutions for Project Lifecycle

New offering will standardize and simplify work processes to one common platform, improving collaboration across the Company

McDermott International, Inc. (NYSE:MDR) announced today the planned implementation of a new software platform that is expected to improve efficiency and productivity throughout the lifecycle for McDermott’s global engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) projects. The new offering brings an integrated approach from project inception to decommissioning for life of field services – making McDermott the first energy-focused EPCI company to implement such an advanced industry solution.

The platform will enable McDermott to digitize and standardize its processes, driving down costs by eliminating legacy systems and simplifying work processes into a single integrated, software-agnostic engineering platform. The real-time dashboard will allow lead engineers and project managers to know the latest status of engineering deliverables. All information will be interrelated so there is only one source of “truth” and cross-functional change management is maintained.

In addition, the creation of a digital twin combines an integrated 3D model to marry the as-built physical state with a living, up-to-date 3D model combined with data and analysis for the facility. 

“This initiative will transform engineering in the oil and gas industry and enable McDermott to provide its customers with our full suite of services for the life of the project via an integrated and easy to use software and 3D-centric platform,” said Vaseem Khan, McDermott’s Vice President, Engineering. “Our customers will also benefit from a ready-to-use platform for big data analytics as a component of the digital twin, which will serve as the single source of truth for operations and maintenance.”

From project inception to decommissioning, the life of field services digital documents will permit a more open exchange of information that will improve productivity, cross-functional collaboration and ensure on schedule delivery of complex projects with improved safety, quality and greater efficiency. The life of field services will focus on the following areas: technical and operational data management; process optimization; predictive maintenance; operations management and asset integrity management. 

McDermott signed a multi-year agreement with Dassault Systèmes to integrate its 3DEXPERIENCE platform into McDermott’s existing processes to enable start to finish management for subsea and offshore energy projects.

McDermott plans to implement a pilot project in the fourth quarter of 2017 to integrate the new platform into its business. The new “best-in-class” solution will be implemented in phases, with the first phase scheduled for completion next year.

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