Abstract submission

Abstract submission


Abstract submission is now open


Please submit your abstract electronically following the instructions given below:

 For the submission of the abstract, the following information is needed as unformatted text:

  • Abstract title
  • Names and affiliations of authors
  • Presenting author
  • Three to six keywords
  • Abstract body, up to a maximum of 500 words
  • Reference list, up to 6 lines
  • Up to 3 graphics (accepted formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG).
  • Preference for oral or poster


Important Notes:


1. Conference rules:

a) Each participant can have either:

  • one oral (feature) presentation of 18 min (15+3) and one poster hanging on the board, or
  • two posters hanging on the board with one short oral presentation for 2 min for one of them, or
  • two posters hanging on the board.

b) For each abstract, one can indicate a “preference” for an oral presentation, poster oral presentation, or just a poster presnetation. However, the final decision will be made by the Program Committee.

c) Only abstracts with at least one registered author will be eligible for presentation at the conference. Thus, abstracts for which no author has registered will be excluded.


2. Abstract format:

The abstract manuscript is automatically formated by the InterPore submission system. Unfortunately, our current submission system does not allow equations and graphs to be included in the abstract you insert in the submission form. But, if you would like to submit some graphs and equations along with your abstract, you can upload them as graphics after finishing your submission process. To upload the graphic/image files, first submit your abstract, then click on Reload button, and choose  “MY ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” again. You’ll see some short information about the submitted abstract and new buttons such as Edit, Graphics, and Withdraw. By choosing Graphics, you can upload images.


3. Final Remark:

If you encounter difficulties with abstract submission, please read the information about  possible errors you may get and how to solve them at this link.

How to submit an abstract to first Interpore international conference on Improved/Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery 2017:

To upload an abstract, you need to have an InterPore account:

  • If you are an InterPore member, or if you registered for 2014 or 2015 conferences, please use your account.
  • If you do not have an account, please register here to create a new account.
  • After login, if you are not in your profile page, click on “MEMBERSHIP” tab (or click here) and then on

“MY PROFILE” in the left.

  • Scroll down,

abstract page2

Register and upload article on the official site interpore