Aims and Strategies

The purposes of the federation include:

1.    Struggle for developing and fortification of the cut of the private sector in oil industry.
2.    Enhancing the marketing conditions in the county`s oil industry.
3.    Enhancing the partnership of the oil industry in production, employment and national income.
4.    Providing consultations to the government.
5.    Networking the marketing.
6.    Anticipating the economic trends in the international dimensions and developing them.
7.    Enhancing the knowledge and the conduct skills and managing the federation-related members.
8.    Enhancing the organization and utilizing the general intellect with the purpose of more effective participation in the process of decision making.
9.    Evaluating the challenges and oil industry difficulties and adding up and transferring them to the decision making centers and participating in resolving them.
10.    Effort for optimizing the usage of natural resources and preserving the environment.
11.    Proving a platform for the social responsibilities of the members in order to develop and expand an industrial cultural structure based on the culture of respected people in the society.
12.    Providing recommendations and comments on the essay and plans related to the industry and marketing.
13.    Participating in committees and commissions related to triad forces and all decision- making organizations and intellect rooms related to the marketing area including both privates and civils such as the 76 article of the fifth program committee and the dispute council of the government and the private sector.
14.    Cooperation with the scientific centers and country`s technology related to oil industry.
15.    Cooperation in making and designing the appropriate mechanism for attracting and allocating the financial resources to the federation`s subjective (cooperation and collaboration with the innovation and prosperity part, national development part and other financial and trust centers).
16.    Coordinating and compilation of a general program for cooperation with oil ministry for facilitating the entrance of scientific, studious and industrial formations to the oil market.
17.    Policy-making, providing platform and programming in order to achieve the oil and gas markets of the zone and over the zone.
18.     Programming for the ceremonies or presence in the exhibitions, seminars and specialized local and international sessions in the field of oil, gas,  refining and petrochemical agents with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of accomplishment of related matters and avoiding the acts which are parallel and reducing the costs.
19.    Cooperation in the design of the orders, rules and the administrative protocols related to the document of the country`s 20-year perspective, the general policies of the resistance economy, the rules of the 5-year programs of country`s development, the essay of the annual budget and other rules related to the internal establishments and identical items.
20.    Providing a background for the effective presence of the private sector parties in the strategic decision making in the process of the discovery, extraction and producing the oil and the gas.
21.    Developing and expanding the international cooperation and developing effective relations between the Iranian and foreign companies for accomplishing the oil projects.
22.    Using the capacity and the background of the rule of the gradual and continual development of the marketing atmosphere in order to maximizing the cooperation between the formations and the private sector in the process of decision-making.
23.    Tracking the legal and rational petition of the members and furtherance to their legal rights.
24.    Developing the coordination and the cooperation among the members for producing a unite voice.
The federation`s procedures:
•    Exploitation of the innovative and creator human force 
•    Providing an appropriate background for sympathizing and dialoguing the professional and specialized ideas.
•    Research and finding the most modern methods and resolving models.
•    Creating an appropriate innovation and creation in the process of developmental programs
•    Developing the social and media relationships.