Association of Iranian oil and gas drilling

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Association of Iranian oil and gas drilling companies established in May 1393 and was registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines. and the legitimate interests of its members.
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 Code of Ethics Forum
court of faith in the Almighty and the help of God's name to promote, preserve natural resources, development drilling industry, community and play an effective role in advancing the goals of sustainable development itself bound by the following ethical principles that symbolizes the ancient Iranian culture and teachings religion and belief, and we believe that:

Safety takes precedence over the work. Therefore, to protect the industry and the country's human resources as the main asset of any effort to maintain health and workplace safety will not hesitate.
What in the way we spend training and upgrading knowledge and skills of human resources, cost is not a major investment in human resources as a central element of sustainable development.
this is a national duty and we know their homeland.
To optimize working methods and improve the quality of surface and results Nnmayym spare no effort.
on various aspects of the implementation of bonded labor and believe.
what did on earth.
With the continuous improvement of quality of contracts and suggesting modifications to improve the transparency of contracts and working relationships with employers strive to maintain a healthy environment.
From engaging in any relationship unhealthy and immoral avoided and to get a job and get ahead of others ways to avoid unjustified strongly.
Religious and social obligations committed against the employers and the obligation contrary to its commercial interests do not know.
The reception staff colleagues resigned or dismissed except with the prior consent of their catches will decline.

To do so, your employer organizations are not isolated and with all facilities fully committed to doing the work that we accept from employers.
unrelated and unauthorized centers do not act.
In possible judgments between the employer and the contractor, equity is considered and unbiased Union and any other tendency comment on them.
The parties testified.
In line with his responsibilities successfully completed work to your projects and public works projects in the development and promotion of ecological environment help.
Wherever our members and their interests have been abused rights of the defense of their rights too.

Board Iran's oil and gas drilling companies

Board members unanimously as legal representative has all legal authority to manage the affairs of their community and to preserve the responsibility, can through his executive duties delegated to the Chairman and Secretary of the Board are implemented.

حسين مومنان

Hossein Momenan

Member of the Board

محمد مدنی

Mohammad Momeni

Alternate member of the Board of Directors

قاسم هردانی

Ghasem Hardani

Secretary of the Board of Directors

محمد عالمي

Mohammad Alami

Vice President of the Board of Directors
محمود شريفيان

Mahmood Sharifian

Member of the Board

اصغر رفیعی

Asghar rafiee

Member of the Board

محمد ایروانی

Mohammad eravani

Chairman of the Board

بهمن سروشی

Bahman soroshi

Member of the Board

عبدالحسین عظیمی

Abdol Hossein Azimi

Alternate board member