Engineering and Construction Companies Association (oil and power industries)

Engineering and Construction Companies Association is a professional association, an independent, non-profit and non-political effort that in 1378 the top 6 companies active in the field of engineering and construction (EPC) in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy was formed. Based on Article 131 of the Labor Law and Social Security with the permission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was established. In various fields of engineering and construction of oil and power industries, members have 70 percent of all operations within the country and 90 percent of domestic companies in overseas operations have done. The financial size of the companies operations to about 8 billion dollars.
All community members using international standard of quality and certification systems operate. Number of members in addition to the fields of engineering and consulting, are also active in the investment industry.
Point of view
Achieve a proper position in the engineering and construction activities in oil, gas, petrochemicals and energy
, petrochemical and energy, both at the national level and at regional and international level, knows its mission.

Using the experiences of similar organizations in other countries of the world.