EU exporters of oil, gas and petrochemical

About union
Oil, gas and petrochemical first and most obvious comparative advantage of countries, and is a mainstay of the economy. advantage of opportunities and power and wisdom come together.
With this thinking exporters union petroleum products to Iran on 82/7/30 with participation of 54 companies the permission of the Iran Chamber of Commerce was established and now the union has about 300 members from the Organization for Economic the country is an important role in improving the quality and quantity of export of oil products, exchange technology and job creation has led to the interior.
Some of the objectives of the Union in accordance with its statute include:
– Trying to organize all aspects of production, export, import, transit, swaps and Bnkryng.
– Gathering information on production, supply, demand, price, market knowledge and access to them for members.
– The continued marketing of goods and services supplied to members and take advantage of new approaches to increase the share in different markets and expand their activities.
– Providing services to members and trying to solve the problems of the members.
– Cooperation with the concerned authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing expert opinions in the preparation and amendment of laws, regulations and circulars related to the export of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
– Cooperation with economic actors in the governmental, public and private manufacturing and service in order to remove barriers and promote export of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
– Liaise with banks and credit organizations and financial institutions and the International Monetary well as to provide financial and credit services and facilities to members.
, warehousing and storage, packaging, quality control and standardization, supply of raw materials and so on.
– Attracting qualified entities to join the Union.
– Creating quality control and inspection unit to monitor and ensure compliance with relevant national and international regulations and standards.

– At offices abroad in order to earn and achieve the objectives of the Union.
– Accepted arbitration and arbitration to settle disputes between members and between members and other domestic and foreign natural and legal persons.

– Transparent and systematic information inside and outside the Union through the Alliance website, publication of books and periodicals and newsletters Alktrvyky and other popular means of communication, union measures, the relevant national and international legislation, opportunities and other necessary items with permission from the concerned authorities.
– Encouraging members to develop cooperation through the establishment of investment companies, export consortia and economic cooperation, Islamic contracts, cooperatives and other similar cases.
– Introduce members to ministries, agencies and various devices to use the services and facilities as well as a member of the expert committee, scientific and trade.
– Make recommendations to the executive and interaction in order to fulfill the objectives of the Union institutions, organizations, ministries and other concerned agencies, especially the Ministry of Oil and the relevant specialized committees in Parliament.
– Efforts to attract investment, market, technology, management, internal and external know-how and skilled manpower to manage issues related to export of oil, gas and petrochemical industries for members.
– Adopt and implement administrative tasks and delegate those three branches that the "union" can be delegated.
– Plan and track more members for the benefit of policy support from governments and other powers.
– Policies to reduce administration effort and engagement in the export of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
The union to expand and focus and strengthen cooperation between the members of the Board of Directors and approval of the extraordinary general assembly of the Union of 27 June 1384 called Products Exporters' Union of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Iran was changed and now the vast majority together with companies in these three sectors are union members.
Of the Union
Of the Union are:
o General Assembly
o Board of Directors
o inspector

The most important actions and activities of the Union
– Problem guild members including banking problems, taxation, customs, standards, transportation and so on.
– An integrated participation at the International Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Iran regularly and annually.
– Extensive information to the public through the news and working closely with the media and media barons.
– Contact Iranian embassies abroad and foreign embassies and chambers of commerce and other national authorities and international economic, trade and business opportunities for the exchange of information.
– Rates of export of petroleum products and notify the Central Bank and Customs.
– Iranian Oil Products Export Development Fund is considered a major achievement of the Union.
– The establishment of an annual conference exporters of oil products, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran with the participation of government officials, senior executives and members of the public and private sector unions.
– Internal publication entitled World Energy in Farsi and English and plans to distribute it in foreign countries, including in the Persian Gulf.
– Scientific expeditions, commercial activities abroad in line with scientific, industrial, economic, commercial and marketing products and expand export activity of the Union.
– Interaction with journalists and news agencies to include members of the media problems.
– Information and training courses related to union activities and, if necessary, introduce members to
 Training and other organizations.
– Interact with the Oil Ministry, Oil Ministry to send a representative to meetings of the experts who examine the issues of export products, transit and swaps and Bnkryng is formed.