federation history

“Iran’s oil industry federation.”

Article 5 of the Iran Chamber of Commerce and of articles 1, 4, 5, 11 and 17 of the Act continual improvement of business environment is formed.
The first chapter) General
Article 1 Identity
Federation of Iran’s oil industry in the Federation Statute briefly referred to in paragraph (a) Article 5 of the room, Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture of Iran (Adopted 12.15.1369, amended 15.09.1373) and Article 5 continuous improvement of environmental law, business approved in 1390 and with the approval and supervision of trade chambers, industry, mines and Agriculture Iran has been formed and has an independent legal personality and financial autonomy, and for trade, professional, non-political and non-profit activities the.

Article 2 Citizenship
Iranian federation’s nationality.

Article 3 The legal domicile
Federation of legal residence in Tehran and to determine the exact location is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Note: If you change the legal domicile of the Federation, even in widely circulated newspapers of Importers and in writing to inform the Chamber of trade, industry, mining and agriculture will be members of Iran.
Article 4 Areas
Areas within the Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. If required, the approval of the Board of Directors and approved by the Federation of room inside and outside the country to establish dealerships.
Note: The terms of representation shall comply with the relevant executive regulations for trade, Industry, Mines and Agriculture of Iran.
Article 5 The term activities
Activity will be for the Federation of the date indefinitely.
Article 9 elements Federation
Federation pillars are:
General Assembly
Board of Directors

Article 10 General Assemblies
Public (ordinary and extraordinary) is the highest decision making body of the Federation will be formed based on the following criteria:
General Assemblies of the Federation, the Federation is made up of community members. All members of the Federation have the right to participate in public and each member has one vote in the Assembly only. Members whose membership has been suspended or withdrawn, have the right to participate in the assemblies.
Federation members to participate in general meetings, to their fully authorized representatives in writing (by signing binding documents signed and stamped with the rights holders association) Members of the Assembly.
In all cases should invite members to the public through the publication of an advertisement (once) in widely circulated newspapers that publish ads related to the Federation where the action is. Ordinary general meeting each year should be widely circulated newspaper that any invitations and announcements for members until the next ordinary general meeting will be published next year in the country. This decision should be widely circulated newspaper for publishing invitations and announcements that as such a decision has already been set to be published by the Federation.
The distance between the General Assembly and the date of publication of the invitation at least 15 days and a maximum of 30 days.
In the invitation to the members of the General Assembly, the agenda is accurate and complete and exact date and place of assembly by indicating the hours and full address should be incorporated. Meanwhile, a separate invitation signed by the chairman or secretary or inspector will be sent to members.
Voting to elect the board of directors and inspector general assembly of the Federation is in writing and secret.
General assemblies by the Board composed of a Chairman and a secretary and two observers co-operated. Observers from the secretary of the meeting between representatives of the members will be elected but may not be a member of the Federation. Secretary in collaboration with Federation staff, presents in the meeting minutes prepared and signed by the Board of Directors of views. The secretary is obliged to record the discussions and decisions of the Assembly.
Implementation of the decisions of the Assembly within the framework of the Constitution of the Federation for all members is required.
Representatives of trade chambers, Industry, Mines and Agriculture Iran in all general meetings (ordinary and extraordinary) as an observer without the right to vote is essential and will be commented.
Federation is bound copy of all decisions of the public (ordinary and extraordinary) for the Iran Chamber of Commerce submit.

Article 11 of the General Assemblies
General assemblies are of two types:
General Assembly
Extraordinary general meeting

Article 12 cases, ordinary and extraordinary general assembly.
Federation general assembly at least once a year and at the end of the year (up to four months after the fiscal year ends Federation) held under Article 10 of the Statute. Extra ordinary general assembly at the appropriate times during the year is also possible.
Extraordinary general meeting of the board or inspector or request an invitation if necessary to half the members of the Federation in compliance with articles 10 and 17 of the Statute is formed.

Article 13 The general assembly tasks
The general assembly tasks are as follows:
The Board heard the report about last year’s performance.
Hearing the report of the Treasurer on the budget last year and the current year’s budget and approve it.
The Board approved the proposed fees and annual dues of members.
Audition inspection report.
The Board approved the balance sheet and annual financial reports.
Federation policy and to review and take decisions on the recommendations of the Board of Directors for the current year.
Select Members and alternate Board of Directors.
Choose a primary and alternative widely circulated newspaper.
Home inspectors and alternates selected.
Individual or collective dismissal of the board or inspector.
Handle requests and objections relating to the suspension or denial of membership.

Article 14 The functions and powers of the extraordinary general meeting
Duties and powers of the extraordinary general meeting include:
Change and reform the Federation Statute.
Board members are elected dissolution of the Federation and purification.

Article 15 reference and invite public
The extraordinary general assembly at the invitation of the board or inspector or request half the members of the Federation in compliance with articles 10 and 17 of the Statute is formed.
The ordinary general assembly is the duty of the Board of Directors. If the board at due time to the invitation is not forthcoming, the Ombudsman shall comply with the formalities prescribed in this Constitution, to invite the General Assembly to act. Otherwise the General Assembly in conformity with Article 17 of the Statute is to be formed.

Article 16 The quorum and majority public
General assembly meeting attended by the majority (half plus one) is recognized. In the second call general assembly attended by any number of members is formalized. The decisions of the General Assembly with the approval of a majority of those present (half plus one) is valid.
The extraordinary general assembly recognized the presence of at least two-thirds of the members of the Federation. In the second call, the extraordinary general meeting attended by any number of members is formalized. Decisions of extraordinary general meeting with the consent of three-fourths of the votes of those present is valid.

Article 17 conditions of public invitation by the ‘Members’
With the written request of at least half plus one of the members of the Federation General Assembly (ordinary or extraordinary), the Board of Directors of the Federation shall, within 20 days of receiving a written request, according to the procedure prescribed in the Constitution assembly members to invite. to convene the General Assembly in compliance with all procedures stipulated in the Statute of the procedures.

Article 18: Board of Directors
By administrators Federation delegation composed of 7 members and 2 substitute members operated. Board member of the general assembly of the Federation, composed of members chosen by relative majority vote is for three years.
Note: If the expiration term mission of the Board of Directors until the election of new board members, former board members and management will continue to be responsible for the affairs of the Federation. If the authorities do not obliged to invite the General Assembly to fulfill its task, any interested person may Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and Agriculture, invited the General Assembly to ask for board elections.

Article 19 The Board of Directors
The representative responsible for your actions and that he introduced the members of the Federation, in each case on an individual basis and shared responsibility.
If the relationship with the organization that he has introduced a board member, is interrupted for any reason, the representative of the outside board members and substitute members to be his successor.

Article 20 Conditions Member of the Board
Who as the representative of the Federation, to join the board of directors of the following conditions must be introduced:
Iranian citizenship.
Lack of criminal record.
Faithful to one of the official religions.
See the written letter of introduction from their respective organizations.
Having a business card or membership chambers across the country.
Note: dissipates any of the conditions mentioned in this article will cause his dismissal from the representative. Recognizing the responsibility of the board of directors.

Article 21 of the Board of Directors

Note: chairman, is chairman of the Federation.

Article 22 The period of validity of board positions
Term of office of each Board member federation positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer) over the period of their membership will not be on the board. Each of the incumbents are re-elected or is revocable by the board of directors.

Article 23 Board of Directors meetings
Specifies that at some point in its Board of Directors and the President or Vice-President is also necessary to meet the written invitation. Federation Board meetings at headquarters or in another location specified in the invitation will be formed.
Alternate board members and inspector at meetings of the Board of Directors is permitted, but will not have voting rights.

Article 24 alternate members instead of the original members of the board replacement
In case of death, resignation or dismissal of each member of the Board of Directors as well as the withdrawal, suspension or withdrawal of membership of the Federation, alternate member, who has more votes in the election for the remainder of the term of Board members will be replaced if the alternate members have equal votes, the choice between them will be the lucky draw.
Note 1: absent without excuse on four consecutive meetings or six intermittent sessions at meetings of the Board of Directors of the Federation will lead to the dismissal of a member of the Board of Directors.
Note 2: Identify justified or unjustified absences being, is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. In a meeting on this issue, the member that his absence is being investigated, no vote does not count in the official session.

Article 25 recognizes the meetings of the Board of Directors
Board meetings are attended by the majority (half plus one) of the recognized staff members. The decisions of the Board of Directors by an affirmative vote of those present will be valid at least 4 people.

Article 26 Managing Board meetings
The sessions of the board of directors with the chairman and the vice-president in case of his absence. In the absence of the Chairman, other members of the board of one of the members present at the meeting to determine the responsibility of the Chief Directorate in connection with the meeting do.
Negotiations and decisions by the secretary of the board meeting and signed by its audience. If some members disagree with the decision of the majority opinion in the minutes along with the reason they were written signatures.

Article 27 Functions and powers and responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Federation Board of Directors is the legal representative of all the legal authority to represent the Federation is governed. Duties and powers of the Board of Directors is as follows:
Opening current account federation called authorized banks and deposit all funds from this account to pay the federation and, if necessary, obtain facility.
Financial operations, monetary and financial obligations under the Authority and submit an annual report of operations and financial measures to the General Assembly.

Finance Department, headed by the federation’s treasurer.
Get the demands of the Federation and pay its debts.
Hiring and dismissing the Secretary and determine his salary and other payments, promotions, discipline and other conditions of employment determined in accordance with the statute.
Amvrykh done by law it is necessary to run the federation and development purposes and is not prohibited in the Constitution.
Determine and send a representative to the committee of economic cooperation, trade and technical compliance with the conditions stipulated in the relevant regulations.
To prepare, compile and approve the internal rules and regulations for better governance in the framework of the constitution and powers of the Federation.
Help members in administrative, management, finance and tax, insurance, contractual and legal issues in the event of recourse to the federation.
Federation of drafting a budget for approval by the respective assemblies.
Preparation for the assets and liabilities of the Federation after the expiration of the financial year and presenting it to inspect and adjust the balance sheet and operations last year for submission to the General Assembly.
The general assembly’s decision in this regard is final.
Workshops and specialized conferences and trade union members by inviting experts to improve the quality of knowledge.
Domestic and international conferences, in line with the objectives of the Federation.
Quarterly and annual reporting of performance and send it to the Chamber’s Federation.
In order to further the goals of the Federation and optimal performance of their duties can form committees consisting of representatives of member organizations.
The authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and other competent authorities for publication Federation.

Article 28 The functions and powers of treasurer
other board members have continued working in finance.

Article 29 The secretary of the Federation
The Board shall at its first meeting, a real person, as bound as the “Secretary” select.
Note 1: The Board of Directors may all or part of its mandate to “chairman” or “secretary of the Federation” delegate.
Note 2: If the “Secretary” is a board member, secretary period of time he was a member of the Board of Directors will not exceed.
Note 3: If the “secretary” is not a board member to attend meetings of the Board without the right to vote.

Article 30 Secretariat of the Federation
To perform administrative functions such as recording Federation correspondence, communication, written and multiply it, classification, recording, preservation Federation papers, statistics and information required and its protection, collect Rules and Regulations and Directives related to the activities of the Federation, filing for members and their membership registration, administrative formalities related to the publication and send out invitations, receiving applications for membership in the board of Directors and inspectors Association, obtaining letter of introduction by representatives of member companies to enter the community, providing facilities to the public, Inventory adjustments necessary to hire needed staff, quality control and employee attendance performance, maintenance and preservation of property and cargoes Federation and its timely repair and service, providing administrative reports on the work in progress and the internal affairs of the Federation, implementation of legislation in the Federation and any action that traditionally required to manage the affairs of the Federation, under the auspices of the Secretariat of “Secretary” and under the “chairman” is established.

Article 31 of credit and financial documents and binding
All financial documents and binding with two joint signatures “Chairman” and “Vice Chairman” or “secretary” and “treasurer” with the seal of the Federation will be valid. Meanwhile, ordinary bonds and conventional office correspondence and signed by “Chairman” and “Vice Chairman” or “secretary” with the seal of the Federation will be valid.

Article 32 principal investigators and alternate
General Assembly each year, a main inspector and one alternate inspector for a period of one year. Their re-election is permitted. Inspector general assembly may dismiss at any time.
Home inspector and alternate should have Iranian nationality, religious into one of the official religions of the country, no criminal record and has the ability to be responsible for this.
In case of death, resignation or stripping conditions set forth in the preceding paragraph of the main inspector, inspector alternate will do his duty.
Note: All board members and inspection services in the mentioned federation is complimentary.

Article 33 Inspector duties
The main duties of the Ombudsman are as follows:
Monitoring of action by the Board within the provisions of this statute and its implementation with the provisions of the Constitution, legislation passed by the public and the law of the country.
Monitoring of action by the Secretariat and the Secretary within the provisions of this statute and its implementation with the provisions of the Constitution, legislation passed by the public and the law of the country.
Inspector at least ten days before the general assembly to inform members of their written report will be prepared and submitted.
The inspector shall in all matters relating to the call and holding ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies monitor.
The inspector shall deliver a copy of the report to the secretariat Fdrsyvn.


Chapter Four) funds
Article 34 right of admission
Organizations seeking membership in the Federation is obliged to pay the “entrance” to the Federation and submit it to the Secretariat of the bill are. If necessary the General Assembly on the proposal of the Board of Directors and fees can change at their discretion.

Article 35 membership fee
Each member in addition to the fee, is bound to annually pay “dues” to the current account deposit receipts Federation also delivered to the Secretariat. The amount of membership fee is determined at the annual general meeting of the Federation. The general assembly can change the amount of membership fees to the Board authority to appoint or delegate.

Article 36 grants and loans

Chapter Five) Liquidation
Article 37 Dissolution
Federation under extraordinary General Assembly or the final and conclusive court be dissolved by a vote.
Article 38, other staff
What is so extraordinary dissolution of the Federation by the General Assembly, shall, refined delegation consisting of three representatives elect the members of the Federation. Before the dissolution of the federation board members are elected officials, other staff members is permitted. As the court announced the dissolution of the Federation, court staff to arrange treatment will be determined.

Article 39 minutes set Delivery
After the dissolution of the federation and determine treatment staff members, former director of the Federation are responsible for all the papers, documents, ledgers, property and cargoes delivered the minutes of the Council of the Federation by setting their treatment.

Article 40 Responsibilities and powers of purification
Treatment staff representative monitoring Iran Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of liabilities and assets on and after treatment, all movable and immovable property remaining in the hands of Iran Chamber of Commerce will.
Article 41 Arbitration
Federation of expertise can, and if you agree, the dispute parties to accept arbitration (arbitration) track. In this case, the board of directors or other representatives of its member organizations, to determine the person or persons eligible for arbitration after approval, the auditor will examine and confirm. Tariff rules and arbitration proceedings in accordance with the rules of the arbitration center of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and Agriculture Iran.

The interpretation of Article 42 of the Statute
If you need to interpret the Constitution, and in silence, it would by Iran Chamber of Commerce is done, in terms of room will be final and binding.
Article 43 comply with all regulations, instructions and decisions of the Iran Chamber for Cabinet and members of the association are binding.

Article 44 Articles of Association
Of the Statute in an introduction, 6 chapters, 44 articles and 19 amendments were ratified by the General Assembly of the founders dated 02.07.1395