The organizational structure of the Federation of Iran’s oil industry
What is more, it was said, paving the way for overcoming the challenges that is deeply rooted in Sasytgzaran for entrepreneurs on the one hand and on the other hand has been hard. Zand.
Commission decisions
Why …
Economic, such as the economy, to achieve optimal performance, requires a series of reforms in how it is run. and implemented in a specified time period.
Expressive interpretation, structural reforms. It is natural that improve the quality of economic policy, it is easier to implement structural reforms. But the beneficiaries of an economic policy may hinder the decision-making of the government.
Iranian authorities have no choice except to enter the field of serious economic reforms.

Commercialization Cultural Commission
Why …
Raise awareness and financial literacy of all segments of society lifestyle changes can help slow considerably. One of the things that can insure the country against the crisis, the issue of raising the awareness of people about the reality of society. There is some relationship between economy and culture, in fact, a mixed combination between culture and the economy. Of course, this mix of culture, culture is the slang people not specialized forms; order shaping the culture and mentality of the people’s minds. People’s behaviors, their attitudes to issues such as the economy, as one of the most important aspects of life in society shows. All our economic behavior is derived from the culture. For example, in the form of high efficiency at low power consumption and optimal or even how to enter and exit the influence of culture on the economy. And in this context to achieve an acceptable level in the world, we work.
Commission on the development of the business environment in the private sector with the approach of trade delegations
Why …
To put it more clearly, Iran dominated world trade rules in the middle of the 20th century, has entered the global trade in the 21st century. Therefore, the operation of trade and economic agreements with various delegations have traveled to Iran, it will not be easy. It is clear that finding solutions to respond to this challenge unless underwritten easily.
Commission social responsibility (CSR) in the oil industry
Why …
Today, from the perspective of corporate social responsibility theme ideas, the more the concept of sustainable development is close. So that they know the concept of sustainable development. Corporate Social Responsibility-oriented “society” or “society” which follows concerns related to human well-being. The key concept of three dimensions (economic, social, environmental) Finally, to regard human life.
It is obvious that development requires policies, strategies and programs. based on policies, strategies and programs operate.
However, concepts like business ethics, sustainability, corporate citizenship and social responsibility, as well as suggest areas.