The organizational structure of oil industry of Iran


What was mentioned before, was contriving for issuing the deep-rooted and deepened challenges which have made the operations of the establishers and the politicians complicated. To that, the federation of oil industry of Iran has ascertained some debates in its organizational structure design, each of which are of the most prominent issues and their dissolving could bring about innumerable accomplishments in the field of county development concerning issues. 

Argument resolving commission
Economies like Iran, in order to achieve their desired competences, need a combination of amendments in the quality of managing that. Amendments in institutional discipline and denationalization, amendments in pricing discipline, amendments in governmental support and social insurances discipline, amendments in financial politics, amendments in industrial and trading policies, etc. all are decisions to be designed into a frame of an operational and administrative program and to be performed into a defined period of time.
The most rationalized alternation is the structural amendment. Naturally, enhancing the quality of economical politics is much easier than performing structural amendments. However, the pressure from the interested party of a particular economic policy may hinder the right decision making of the government as a whole.  In countries which governing economy has a desired efficiency, the most prominent role is up to the officials of economic policy-makers and the main quarrel is about attracting the economic policies to meet self-benefits.
Iranian officials and governors have no other way except for entering the momentous field of economical amendments. In this commission, we look for the factors which affect both the quality of economic policy-making and decision making about performing or retarding the structural amendments and even the quality of these amendments in the economy of Iran.
Ignoring current country`s demands in this field and the procrastination occurred pertinent to the needed decisions for the removal of the forthcoming barricades, could have detrimental effects on the body of capitalization and future opportunities.

Commission of trading culture
With the increase in the knowledge and understandings of human being, its life quality and conditions have always been improving and evolving; dealing with the economical contexts would always help people in presenting and understanding the economic analysis. Enhancing the knowledge and literacy of economics in the whole social layers, could help tremendously in transforming the life styles. One of the issues which could potentially guarantee the country against the crisis is enhancing people`s knowledge about the social facts. There are some relations between economy and culture; in fact there is an appendage between the culture and the economy. Certainly, in this case the concept of culture is the culture in the vulgar language of people, not its specialized concept; culture here means the minds and the subjective opinions of nations. People`s behaviors, their outlook on the issues, including the economy, are one of the most important levels of life in the society. All of our economic behaviors stem from our culture. For instance, in high productivity, low and optimized consumption and even the manner of entering and exiting the market, all are items which rely on culture in economy. And we will have a long way to go for turning to an acceptable level in the world.

Commission of developing marketing environment in the private sector with approaches of the commercial boards
In the current circumstances, the international cooperation of Iran is being improved like never before and this unplanned improvement has complicated seriously the purposes of commercial diplomacies in Iran. That means, Iran has entered the atmosphere of global commercials of the 21st century with the rules that were applied in the middle parts of the 20th century. As a result, operating the mutual agreements made between different commercial and economical boards that have travelled to Iran would not be straight and easy. It is clear that finding out a solution for tackling this challenge is not easily achieved.

Commission of social responsibility (CSR) in oil industry
Today, in the point of view of the clear-sighted, the issue of social responsibility of the organizations is getting more and more inter-related with the concept of permanent development. As sometimes, this concept is known equivalent to the permanent development. The social responsibility of the organizations is following some disturbances with the topics of “society” or “community” that are related to human welfare. Three main dimensions of this concept (economic, social, and environmental) are focused on the human life.
It is evident that certainty of development demands policy, strategy and program. Accordingly, the focus of the clear-sighted is connecting and parallelizing the social responsibility of the organizations with permanent development or social development (in the whole concept) and this shows that if the company or the organization is looking upon its social responsibility as a concern, then it has to react with it according to policy, strategy and program. 
Any ways, concepts such as ethics in marketing, permanency, organizational citizen, etc. are all well demonstrating the field of social responsibilities.