Goals and strategies Federation

Association goals are:
Efforts to develop and strengthen the private sector’s share in the oil economy.
Improving business conditions in the oil industry.
Increase the involvement of the oil industry in production, employment and national income.
Provide advice to the government.
Business networking (Networking).
Anticipated trends in the international economy and its development
Promote and enhance knowledge, leadership and management skills related members of the federation.
Oriented organization aimed at strengthening and benefiting from the collective wisdom and more effective participation in the decision-making process.

Trying to make optimal use of natural resources and environmental protection.
Strengthening the social responsibility towards stakeholders in order to develop a culture of industrial culture based on respect for the community.
Suggestions and comments to the bills and projects related to industry and business.
Cooperation with the scientific and technological centers in relation to the oil industry.

Coordinating and compiling a comprehensive plan for cooperation with the Oil Ministry to facilitate the entry of scientific organizations, research and industry to the oil market.
Policy, infrastructure and planning to achieve regional and cross-regional oil and gas markets.

 Participation in the design of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the 20-year outlook, the overall economic policy of resistance, the provisions of the country’s five-year development plans, the annual budget and other rules for the production and the like.
Facilitate effective participation of the private sector organizations in making strategic decisions in the process of exploration, extraction and processing of oil and gas production.
Develop and promote international cooperation by creating effective communications between Iranian and foreign companies for oil projects.
Capacity utilization and the legal foundation to continuously improve the business environment for maximum participation of organizations and the private sector in the process of decision-making and decision-making.
Members of the legal and rational pursuit of their legitimate rights.
Develop coordination and cooperation among members in order to create a single voice.

Strategies Federation:
• Utilizes the power of dynamic and innovative workforce.
• Create suitable to both intellectual and professional exchange.
• monitoring the latest research and problem solving methods and models.
• Create the right culture of innovation and creativity in the process of development programs.
• Social communication and media development.