Industrial Automation Society

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Belief in teamwork and depend on a flow of consultation and coordination in order to strengthen common roots, one of the pillars of corporate communities and is a symbol of the growth and development of countries.
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In today's world, industrial automation due to overwhelming role in improving the quality and quantity of products, flexibility in production lines, energy efficiency, increased safety and environmental protection plays in all industries as one of the most vital of technology required priority attention and investment in the countries of the industry is done to improve it.
that it was the association called the Association of industrial automation companies.
become and the Association as the sole employers' organization responsible for the development of industrial automation in the industries of the country. Now after 21 years, the association has more than 100 active members, their expertise covers all subdirectories industrial automation.

In all these years and due to periodic goals set out in the Board of Directors Forum, which has won many achievements
We can mention the most important ones are as follows:
Stabilizing the position in the ranking of countries into two groups: industrial automation consultants and contractors.
– Developing regulations on engineering services in system integration expertise
– Interact and engage with influential institutions such as the Ministry of Industries and Mines, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Control, Technology and Innovation Cooperation Center for the presidential and Majlis Industries and Mines Commission
– Interaction with other organizations
– The role of the public sector consulting in industrial planning
– Providing advice on industrial projects
– Standardization of industrial automation equipment and standard of approval in the National Committee
– The introduction of industrial automation projects to companies under
– Assist in removing barriers and creating job referral fields covered companies
– Help create added value for employers and consumers of industrial automation projects
– Drafting bylaws and guidelines for industrial automation projects to improve the quality of services provided by the companies under
– Promote the use of industrial automation to enhance the country's industrial achievements
– Qualitative and quantitative development activities in the field of Community
– Publication 186 monthly number of intelligent industry in 19 years


The automation industry as a strategic industry in the development of the country

Figure do.
Activities of members
The activity of members of the Association of Industrial Automation Companies spectrum of consulting, education, manufacturing, production and implementation of projects in the field are the following:
Automation systems for discrete processes
Industrial control systems for continuous processes
Building Automation Systems
And dispatching system SCADA
Industrial Information Systems
Mechatronic system
Weighing Systems
Test systems
Testing and measuring devices and instrumentation
Machinery and equipment drivers and operators
Special software for industrial automation and control
Industrial automation and control the necessary hardware
Its beneficiaries are member companies of the Association of Industrial Automation Companies, firms operating in the field of industrial automation, firms operating in related fields, manufacturing firms, government and policy organization, planning and execution of industrial, scientific societies, professional and employer other.
As a guild that duty to serve in various aspects of an organization's stakeholders, the association's activities can be summarized in the following sections:
– The role of the public sector in planning industrial consultant
– General activities related to commercial-industrial macro environment
– To help reform the tax code, to determine tariffs in order to improve business environment
– Advice about the future of the country industrial projects
– Organizing activities related to industrial automation
– Standardization and automation components and systems Rvalmnd production
– Implementation of projects and providing services related to automation
– To companies working in this field.
– Reduce environmental barriers of member companies
– Increasing the share of local (construction, engineering, consulting, etc.) in industrial projects
– The development of mutual understanding between members and employers
– Removing barriers and creating areas Job Forum member companies
– Help to obtain the certificates Standard product
– Help create added value for employers and clients and industrial automation projects
– Quality of services provided by member companies
– Privacy regulation project
– Promote the use of automation in order to increase the country's industrial achievements
– The development of quantitative, qualitative field of activity of the Society
– Outreach Activities
– Collect statistics and trade information and automation industry specific website development Automation Companies
– Sensitization seminars and special training managers and specialists
– Specialized monthly publication of intelligent industry
Industrial Automation Companies Association as the sole employers' organization in this field, in charge of dissemination of culture and the expansion of the use of automation in the industries of the country.

Automation technology common problems in the country
Due to the efforts made in the past few years, the volume of transfer of the project by Iranian companies in the industrial sector gradually grown and is on the way to becoming universal.
From the viewpoint of manufacturing industrial automation systems situation is different. The absence of a supporting organization in this field may be one of the main reasons has been the development of appropriate production. adequate standards certificates and references as appropriate, in addition to factors such as market fragmentation that transaction costs (transaction cost) will greatly enhance refer to enter the market.
Association for the creators and producers of special tasks
– Assist in product and production standards by manufacturers
– Identification of important standards
– Identifying the internal and external testing centers
– Attract public aid to finance testing and standardization
– Help put manufacturers under the standard in the list of vendors (Vendor List) industrial plants and consume large Hay
– Increase return on investment by reducing destructive competition
– Encouraging the development of local supply chains.
Forum special tasks with contractors
– Assist in the standardization of industrial automation projects
– Assess the capabilities necessary to implement the project in accordance with international standards
– Define the criteria and Job
– Define the responsibilities of contractors and employers
– Customer-defined project implementation and documentation
– Customer-defined project deliverables and settle disputes
– To help create a great platform automation projects in the country
– Iranian companies qualified to help job referral to the competent authorities through the introduction of domestic and foreign


Third report of the Board of Directors during the seventh and the Forum Secretariat by the end of 94

Board of Directors