Iran industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association

History Forum
Ministry of industry and owners and managers in this industry sector were forced to out of necessity, association or syndicate machinery manufacturers and industrial equipment seriously at all by themselves. the aim of the meeting dated 77/9/28 in

Staff meeting on 77/12/29 in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry was established by the Ministry of Industry, registered association laid the foundation community. The president, secretary and general assembly constituencies for the election of the Board and approval of the proposal on the agenda was the founding board.
registered constituency association were lost due to industrial specialization of these organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, industries and mines Forum application was sent.
7 Nfrzv primary and one alternate member).
On 78/5/9 statutes and documents required to register at the Chamber of Commerce Forum 1001 was sent in a letter dated 78/6/1 forum under the number 136 was registered in the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.
subsequently on 78 / 8/17 ordinary Assembly of the super-inspector was created to correct some of the Articles of Association and the changes approved by the Assembly was elected and the Ombudsman.

Community goals
– Governance and long-term macro-members in connection with government programs
– Reducing administration tasks and obtaining licenses to export part of the administrative and industry etc.
– Coordination between the members of the qualitative and quantitative development path for building industry
– Members of the problems in relation to existing rules
– Providing foreign exchange proposals for allocation to members in the areas of technology transfer, foreign exchange guarantees, qualitative and quantitative development, education, research and …
– The settlement of legal claims against each other member companies according to the request of members
– Create the necessary facilities to record and preserve the rights of members of inventions and new technologies
– Planning and leading the industry in the development of export
– Create a database about companies and foreign countries and identify funding sources and potential and actual credit schemes and existing laws.
– Members of the executive support necessary to participate in overseas projects
– Support for exporting technical and engineering services
– Administrative support from members in legal disputes with companies and foreign countries
– Relating to industrial centers and internal and external training and education programs and research recommendations
– Cooperation among members and avoid unhealthy competition
– Introduce and export capabilities, transitive and executive members at the international level
– Improving the quality of products member companies in compliance with international standards and protect the interests of customers
– Consultation in relation to technology transfer agreements