Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers Association

Designers, suppliers and manufacturers of oil industry equipment from many years ago, a vacuum association to organize their common affairs units were feeling. Currently the association has over 500 members active in the oil industry, which supplies a large percentage of equipment in the field.
Goals and Achievements
Despite his active association members, the main source of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers to supply its products to the oil industry millions of dollars in foreign exchange savings for the country brought Ast.mvard main objectives of the Association, is the following:
1. Establishing databases to identify consumer markets members, status of competitors in the market, identification of sellers and scarce raw materials help to supply these materials

3. Developing practical training to help upgrade the quantity and quality of organs and lesions decreased production costs, increase the competitiveness of their products in domestic and foreign markets enjoying the typically strong
4. product quality standards, tariff regulation of export prices of imported goods and submit it to the ministry, in cooperation with ministries and agencies in formulating policies

Board Astsna
Board of Directors
Each of the nine members of the Board of Directors are tasked with protecting the rights of its members and their companions are in the business market.


first name and last name
Corporate email
Reza Khyamyan chief
Seyed Taghii Hejazi member
Abdul Reza Hamidi member
HR Tayyebi member
Majid Mohammad pour member
Mohammad Hosein Didevar member
Homayon Madadi vice chairman
Koroush Ahanj Treasurer
Siros Talarii member



In the course of the General Assembly as a member of the inspectors to supervise the implementation of the activities of the Association shall be elected.


Jalal Janii Inspector first year of the Seventh Board of Directors


About Jury
The jury in accordance with Article 37 of the Statute of Association of the Manufacturers Association and the Assembly was established on December 89, has started its activities. The jury is composed of nine members. arbitration. For more information you can see in the corresponding regulations Jury.




Reza Padidar

Chairman of the Jury

Ghodrat Sorii

Vice-Chairman of the Jury

Mohammad  Hosein Hagh Goiee

Jury member

Mohammad Khademii

Jury member

Ali Akbar Ramezanii

Jury member

Ehsan Saghafaii

Secretary of the jury

Hossein Aghilli

Jury member

Amir Hoshang Kaveh Zadeh

Jury member

Meearj Meharbi Movaghaar

Jury member



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