The most important organizations of the Federation of Iran’s oil industry and their activities include:

Name Forum field of activity
Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers Association Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Iran industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association The force-energy and petrochemical and steel
Engineering and construction Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and implementation of plans and projects for the oil industry
Iran Polymer and Chemical Engineers Association Educational services, research and consultancy in the field of Polymer Science and Technology
Industrial Automation Society Corporate services
Engineering and Construction Companies Association (oil and power industries) Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals
Powered by optimizing energy consumption in Iran Consulting, design, evaluation, culture, implementation and Energy Management
Audit inspections of Iran Inspection and audit knowledge
Petrochemical Industry Employers Association Petrochemical
Exporters Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Iran Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Association of Oil and Gas Drilling Excavation
Association of Iranian oil refineries Lubricants
Recycling Industry Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Iran Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
National Association of polymers and plastics industries Iran Plastics and Polymers
Iran Quality Management Association Improve the quality of management knowledge in the field of culture
Syndicate utilities and industrial companies in Iran Professional services and trade