Polymer and Chemical Engineers Association

Strategy and Outlook
The need for a coherent and powerful guild considering extending the functionality of the field was felt for many years. .
Community in goals with five specialized committees as follows:
1. Industry Committee (advice, skills upgrading of personnel, transfer of technology in the engineering industry and Polymer Chemistry)
2. Bynlmll Affairs Committee (in collaboration with communities and relevant and credible scientific and research centers abroad)
3. The Committee professional development (creating and planning for the development of polymer engineering and chemical engineering and polymer chemistry)
4. Scientific Committee and Publications (books publishing field of chemical engineering and polymer)
5. The Committee innovation (technology promotion, technology transfer and innovation in technologies used in the engineering industry Chemical and polymer)
Community goals
1. Creation of Polymer Engineering and Chemical Iran;
(2) protect and defend the rights and interests of trade and professional members;
3. provide advice to members in the form of the creation of think tanks;
4. efforts to improve the skills of employees working in the field of Polymer Engineering and Chemistry;
5. technological help to promote related industries;
6. efforts to improve productivity and production capacity, innovation and technology transfer in polymer engineering and chemical industry;
7. Polymer and Chemical Industry Database acquisition in order to investigate the problem and provide solutions;
8. planning to meet the educational needs and activities related to the development of polymer chemistry;
9. make contact with domestic and foreign scientific and research centers;
10. cooperation and establish valid agreements with related associations abroad;
11. establish the connection between industrial centers and government agencies in order to express their suggestions and comments and pings;
12. Create a Andyshyha and forums related to chemical engineering and polymer industry.


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