Quality Management Association

Iran's activities introduce Quality Management Association

Community goals
Promotion and spreading of knowledge and culture Quality Management
Implement methods to achieve a culture of quality management in industry and services
Although mission
As a nongovernmental organization made up of organizations and individuals, while trying to promote quality, sound quality at home and concepts, and tools to better develop it for life.
Iranian better by adding quality to life and business
Community Missions
• scientific studies, research and social studies on issues related to the problems and requirements for quality management
• establishing links with centers and public and private organizations to reflect on issues related to quality management members and awareness of managers about recent decisions and information.
• establishing links with similar centers and professional organizations and associations at home and abroad to exchange information and develop a culture of quality management
• To introduce, encourage researchers and managers of successful manufacturing and service organizations to improve the quality management system, products or services and domestic and international market development
• organizing consultants to provide coherent and effective quality management systems consulting services, training and related research
• Formation of scientific gatherings related to quality management at national and international level and national and international envoy to similar meetings
• Formation of databases and scientific progress and international economic standards and achievements in the field of quality management systems
• safeguarding the value and validity of certificates issued and followed violations by authorities
• Participate in relevant scientific publications and books
• Participate in the development and promotion of standardization in the country
• Participate in quality management in organizations and state institutions
• Community development activities in the provinces
• Participate in the development of quality awards in specialized areas
• Participate in the development of quality assessment according to international standards
• Develop powerful member of the Association
• Participate in improving the capability of managers in the country and the quality of production and service managers
• Participate in the development of short-term training quality staff executive agencies
• Participate in identifying appropriate tools and techniques of quality management of products and services in industrial, agricultural, governmental and non-governmental services
• Establishment of coordination in Awards held in the country
• Working with the media, including IRIB in order to promote awareness in society about the content of quality
• cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific centers
• managerial infrastructure development in the Community
• attract and attract financial support for Forum
• Help develop a relationship with corresponding organizations at home and abroad
• Use the power potential member organizations in the country
The most important measures taken
• Participate in national projects such as "Export Quality Management Plan", project management, business ethics, "" National Day of Determination "," economic organizations reorganization plan "," National Quality Movement plan "and …
• Participate in project and structured review of the Standards Institution of Majlis Research Center
• Design new model of Iran National Quality Award and National Quality Award is held by Iran
• The automotive industry is held by National Quality Award and National Quality Award in the agricultural sector
• preparation of the validation
• holding several seminars, conference meetings on the development of quality management issues
• internal newsletter published several books and constant adjustment to provide the Signature Forum
• Active participation and presentation at many conferences and national assemblies
• Participation in the formal meetings, government in the fields of management and quality and provide feedback and guidance on policy direction

Board of Quality Management