Membership in the Association of Polymer and Chemical Engineers
All natural persons (entrepreneurs) and legal persons in possession of the following conditions can become a member of the Association:

1. Iranian nationality;

(3) acceptance and commitment to the implementation of this statute and regulatory approvals and design elements of the Association;
4. pay entrance and membership fees regularly.

Generally, members are classified into two legal members and individual members.
Corporate membership is also divided into two categories: members of small and large corporate members
Membership membership fees are as follows:

Large corporate members:
Entrance fee: 10 million rials
Annual membership fee: 25 million rials

Members of the small law:
Entrance fee: 5,000,000 Rials
Annual membership fee: 10 million rials

True members:
Entrance fee: 2,500,000 Rials
Annual membership fee: 1,000,000 Rials

Board members must have paid their annual membership fee annually to renew their membership card and shall be sent to them.
Note 1. All eligible members of the community to accept freely and no one may be forced either to accept membership in the Association membership prohibited.

Note 2: If due to some lack of qualified applicants for membership of the board is not accepted, the applicant can raise a complaint at the first session of the General Assembly. General Assembly in this regard is final.

Note 3: In the event that any member loses membership criteria of membership in the Association is known resigned, but engagement is required to do.